Mini-spectrograph was designed to depict the spectrum of received light on the sensor of internal camera .

The constructions details:

The opening for diaphragm: 32 mm width, 1 mm thick. The size of the hole in the diaphragm should be a tradeoff between the resolution of the plot and the intensity of measured light

the distance between slit diaphragm and lens = 100 mm

the collimator lens: F = 100 mm, D = 25 mm

the optical gratting: 1000 lines pro mm

The handle is special adapted to Nexus-5. We are preparing the new design of spectrograph, splitted into 2 components: spectrograph and montage-adapter. The adapter will be prepared for the most popular Android devices

View from 3D-tool

The real item attached to Nexus 5


3D-Print: Spectroscope is  published in MAKE as DIY project

Optical grating: Rainbowsymphony diffraction slide

Colimator lens:  Thorlabs LA1251

Slit diaphragm: Cardboard, or plastic with the small hole.


Dietrich Hubert who helped me to construct the spectroscope

Matthias Kunkel, Philipp Nimtsch, for inspiration and help in the optics